The year we were supposed to leave the European Union. First on on the 29th of March and then on the 31st of October. But neither deadline was met.

While Parliament was furioulsy debating, and the government was busy wrangling with the EU and we were all obsessing about Brexit in general, hundreds of thousands of people, over the course of dozens of protests, marched on Whitehall, demanding that their views were  heard.

I’d started to visit Parilament Square on the eve of the first Brexit deadline, determined to get as close up as I could to these people who shouted and heckled at the TV crews as they broadcast the nightly news.

As I made more trips it I found out about other protests – climate strike, Trident, school funding, Windrush, war crimes and pollution. So over the course of 10 months I photographed at nearly 30 demonstrations, all of which took place in the area between Whitehall and Downing Street, Parliament Sq and Westminster Abbey.